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When you are involved in an auto accident in a moment, your whole life can change. A collision during what may have normally a routine car ride like a work commute, or a quick errand can radically affect the rest of your life. Seemingly as soon as the vehicles came to a stop you were suddenly faced with a confusing array of choices and requests for information from medical care providers and medical billing agents, to calls and inquiries from insurance carriers, body shops, and insurance adjusters and property damage adjusters. Read more…


A fully loaded, full sized commercial tractor/trailer (semi) can weigh as much as eighty thousand pounds, that’s forty tons of weight barreling down the road at highway speeds. A semi-truck requires more time and distance to come to a stop at highway speeds, than other lighter, smaller vehicles under ideal driving conditions, this is especially true of a fully loaded and heavy semi-truck.  Read more…


Unlike Hollywood stereotypes, motorcycle riders are on average careful conscious riders that are very aware of road conditions and dangers in the roadway. In many respects motorcycle riders must be hypervigilant of road conditions and debris in the roadway. To cite an example, if you strike a pot hole while operating your car, you will likely experience only a sudden and jarring bump; if a motorcyclist strikes a pot hole while operating a motorcycle, the rider may lose control of the motorcycle or in dire circumstances, face an ejection from the motorcycle. Read more…


A premises liability case arises in Colorado in a circumstance where someone has sustained an injury on real property owned by a person (other than the injured party) and the injured party was in fact injured by the negligent acts of that landowner or his/her authorized agent. The landowner’s duty of care to the injured person and thus his or her resultant potential liability to the injured person is dictated by the injured person’s legal classification when he or she physically enters upon the landowner’s property (i.e. trespasser, invitee, licensee, etc…). Read more…


Man’s best friend is a loyal, trusted companion that has evolved over time to become a loved and endeared member of the family. However, sometimes dogs do bite, and the damage that they cause may be severe and serious depending entirely on the circumstances surrounding the bite and the size, breed, or actions of the dog. Even small dogs can leave painful disfiguring scars and abrasions on the people that they bite, these injuries are often even more pronounced in children when bitten. Read more…


With the great weather, beautiful vistas, and miles of scenic roadway that our state affords Colorado is a wonderful place to be a bicyclist. Bicyclists share the roadway with motorized vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles.   Many of Colorado’s larger cities and towns have in recent years instituted dedicated “Bike lanes” for the exclusive use of bicyclists. However, collisions between bicyclists and motorized vehicles still occur far too often on Colorado roadways and the consequences can be life threatening for bicyclists. Read more…


Wrongful death claims are brought against persons who are legally responsible for the deaths of others. Wrongful death claims can be brought by a class of survivors who have suffered a loss due to the death of the individual. A wrongful death action can arise from a variety of circumstances, like a motor vehicle accident, premises liability cases, products liability, or murder cases just to outline a non-exclusive short list of some of the more common circumstances where a wrongful death claim may arise. Claimants may be entitled compensatory damages which may include both economic and non-economic damages. Read more…


The injuries incurred by pedestrians who are struck by vehicles can be potentially be both serious and permanent. Modern vehicles are designed to shield their occupants from the impact of another vehicle while at the same time; employing active safety restraints to physically protect their occupants from the impact of the other vehicle.   As a pedestrian who is struck by a vehicle, you have none of these vehicle protections if you are struck by a negligent driver while you are on foot. Your body directly absorbs all of the force of the vehicle’s impact; your body will directly physically sustain the damage inflicted by force and contact with the striking vehicle. Unfortunately for pedestrians, your odds of suffering a serious and permanent injury increase substantially when you are struck by a vehicle while on foot. Read more…

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