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Bus Accidents

Public transportation is becoming more common in big cities, where many people rely on buses to get to work or school. Any negligence of the bus company to provide safe drivers and vehicles places bus passengers and other motorists using the roadways at risk of serious injury in any accident that may occur. If such an accident does happen, the bus company can be held accountable. Since buses generally lack safety features like seatbelts and airbags, even minor accidents can result in major injuries. If you are a victim of a bus accident, either as a passenger on the bus or in another vehicle, you should try to record as much information as possible about what happened. Make sure to seek medical attention and keep track of all medical expenses resulting from the accident. And be sure to seek strong legal representation to help you with the complexities of insurance laws. You need any attorney who understands the special laws and requirements related to the type of comprehensive insurance used by commercial bus companies.

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Andrews Law Firm stands ready to assist you, with experience and commitment to obtaining the best possible results. We will investigate and gather the evidence necessary to resolve your claim quickly and obtain the maximum settlement possible. If the insurance company is not willing to consider a fair settlement, we will take your case to court. We represent bus passengers as well as victims in other vehicles in accident claims involving buses.

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Andrews Law Firm represents Colorado clients in many bus accident claims. Feel free to contact our Denver, Colorado office regarding your bus accident claim. We offer a risk-free consultation where you can get your questions answered and learn more about your legal options. You can reach us at 303.861.1500 or via email for an appointment.

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