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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims are brought against persons who are legally responsible for the deaths of others. Wrongful death claims can be brought by a class of survivors who have suffered a loss due to the death of the individual. A wrongful death action can arise from a variety of circumstances, like a motor vehicle accident, premises liability cases, products liability, or murder cases just to outline a non-exclusive short list of some of the more common circumstances where a wrongful death claim may arise. Claimants may be entitled compensatory damages which may include both economic and non-economic damages.

Just for clarity, a premises liability case arises in Colorado in a circumstance where someone has sustained an injury on real property owned by a person (other than the injured party) and the injured party was in fact injured by the negligent acts of that landowner or his/her authorized agent The landowner’s duty and degree of liability to the injured person is dictated by the injured person’s legal classification when he or she physically enters upon the landowner’s property (i.e. trespasser, invitee, social guest, etc.…)

A products liability case arises in Colorado in a circumstance where someone has sustained an injury caused by a faulty or negligently designed or manufactured product.

There are several different classes of claimants based on their relationship to the deceased who may have standing to sue in a wrongful death case. If your loved one has been killed by the wrongful or negligent acts of another call the Andrews Law Firm today to speak with an attorney who will explain to you, your rights.

So, if your loved one has been killed by the negligent acts of another person, what should you do next? Call the Andrews Law Firm, today. The law firm that you select to help you with your personal injury claim is probably the most important decision that you are faced with in this process.

At this point, you might be wondering: What is Negligence? Negligence is a deviation from that standard of care that a normal reasonable prudent person would take in the same circumstance.

Example: to cite a very simplified example: Stopping your vehicle appropriately on the approach to a red traffic signal (red traffic light) is the normal standard of care that a reasonable prudent person would exhibit. The opposite of this scenario: Running a red light is a violation of the normal standard of care, and is therefore negligent on a number of different levels. (Note: This scenario assumes that normal driving circumstances are applying).

So, what is a “Standard of Care”, what does that term mean? A Standard of Care is the care that a reasonable and prudent person would exercise under the same or similar circumstances.

Hiring the right law firm is a vitally important decision if your goal is to maximize your potential damages award while protecting your rights as a claimant in a wrongful death case. There are a lot of choices in the Denver personal injury lawyer market so, how do you know which law firm is the right choice for you?

At the Andrews Law Firm we believe in personal relationships, personal service, personalized care and passionate lawyers whose vocation is to help people injured in motorcycle accidents, premises liability cases, and products liability cases. We are not a huge, impersonal personal injury mill. We treat our Clients the way that we would like to be treated, like people that are going through a very difficult, stressful and confusing time, while coping with the sudden loss of a loved one. If you need the help and advocacy of a law firm that really understands what you may be going through on both a professional and personal level, then please call the Andrews Law Firm today for a free no obligation consolation and case evaluation.

Below is a listing of some of the more common situations where a wrongful death claim may arise:

  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Premises liability cases
  • Products liability cases
  • Murder cases

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